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NAD+ is a key co-enzyme that the mitochondria in every cell of our bodies depend on to fuel all basic functions.



CLOVRA NAD+ has adopted special technology, which ensures the best bioavailability. NAD+ directly participates in the metabolism of substances and energy synthesis in human cells, and promotes cell repair and regeneration.

Combining with French Maritime Pine (pycnogenol®), mineral and vitamins, CLOVRA NAD+

  • Reduces free radical damage to body cells
  • Supports energy production
  • Maintains brain function & cognitive function
  • Supports cardiovascular system health
  • Supports nervous system health
  • Maintains skin health
  • Improves body metabolism rate of nutrient
  • Supports general health and healthy immune system function

NAD+ is essential to cell metabolism and energy generation and is critical to activate enzymes for DNA repair and cell regeneration.


Direction for Use:
One capsule daily during or immediately after a meal, or as directed by a healthcare professional
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51 reviews for NAD+

  1. Ella

    improved my memory!!! feels more energy the whole day

  2. Serena

    compounded formula with vitamins minerals and antioxidants

  3. Samuel

    young and health status! Great

  4. mark

    it’s a key player in my journey to optimal health

  5. Daniel

    Feeling more resilient to stress and more energy

  6. irena

    I’ve recommended Clovra’s NAD+ supplement to friends and family, and the feedback has been consistently positive.

  7. Grace

    I’ve seen positive changes in my vitality and stamina

  8. Helen

    Consistent results – Clovra’s NAD+ supports my well-being.

  9. Anthony

    I’ve been using the Clovra NAD+ supplement for a month, and I
    can feel a noticeable increase in my energy levels. It has become an essential part of my daily routine.

  10. ying

    Clovra’s NAD+ contributes to my overall feeling of wellness.

  11. Yuval

    It’s a comprehensive solution – from cognitive benefits to physical vitality, it covers many aspects of well-being

  12. lishi

    My energy levels are consistently high with Clovra’s NAD+

  13. Sophia

    Clovra’s NAD+ has become my go-to for holistic health

  14. Darren

    This product is great! Makes me fell me energy during the day

  15. lucky

    after taking clovra nad+, I could have quality sleeping now

  16. Amelia

    clovra’s NAD+ supplement has become a
    cornerstone of my wellness routine. The sustained energy and improved mental clarity are noticeable, making it a must-have for my daily regimen.

  17. Lucas

    Clovra’s NAD+ supplement has become my secret weapon during demanding workdays. The sustained focus and mental sharpness have given me an edge in productivity without the usual crashes.

  18. Joe

    feeling young!!

  19. Lucy

    Clovra’s NAD+ supplement has made a positive
    impact on my skin. The radiance and clarity I’ve noticed have been a pleasant surprise, making it a holistic choice for well-rounded health.

  20. Olivia

    Effective and reliable – Clovra’s NAD+ is now a daily staple for me.

  21. Gabriel

    Quality sleep has been a struggle for me, but Clovra’s NAD+
    supplement has been a game- changer. The calming effects contribute to a more restful night, leaving me refreshed in the morning.

  22. Michael

    For those seeking a supplement to support anti-aging
    efforts, Clovra’s NAD+ is a standout. I’ve seen improvements in joint flexibility and overall physical resilience – a true fountain of youth.

  23. Darren

    As someone who’s tried various NAD+ supplements, Clovra stands out. The gradual, sustained

  24. Mandy

    My immune system feels stronger, and I’ve noticed fewer instances of falling ill. It’s a reliable support for overall health.

  25. Anthony

    Clovra’s NAD+ supplement is a reliable choice for anyone looking to support their cellular health. I’ve noticed enhanced recovery after workouts and a general sense of well-being.

  26. Alexander

    Incorporating Clovra’s NAD+ supplement has been a transformative experience. The benefits extend beyond energy – my mood has lifted, and I feel more resilient to daily stresses.

  27. Olivia

    As a fitness enthusiast, I’ve seen enhanced recovery with Clovra’s NAD+ supplement. It supports my active lifestyle, and I appreciate the science-backed approach to cellular health.

  28. Benjamin

    Clovra’s NAD+ contributes to better sleep quality for me

  29. Ethan

    I’ve felt more focused and alert since starting Clovra’s NAD+

  30. Jimmy

    Clovra’s NAD+ keeps me going during long workdays.

  31. Noah

    I’ve recommended Clovra’s NAD+ to friends with
    positive feedback.

  32. Isabella

    My skin looks and feels better

  33. Mason

    Clovra’s NAD+ aligns with my commitment to a healthy lifestyle

  34. Jenny

    I’ve had some health issues for a while, and feel that this product is really helping with improved energy, better digestion and better circulation. I’ve been taking it for a month or so and definitely feel a difference

  35. Mia

    I’ve experienced fewer colds since starting Clovra’s NAD+

  36. Harper

    Improved memory recall – a noticeable benefit for me.

  37. Elijah

    The natural ingredients and the noticeable boost in energy make it a standout choice for those seeking vitality

  38. Abigail

    I’m impressed with the sustained energy I’ve experienced with Clovra’s NAD+ supplement. It doesn’t come with the typical crashes associated with some other energy-boosting products.

  39. Logan

    sleep better than before

  40. Penelope

    I’ve been a long-time user of Clovra’s NAD+ supplement

  41. Joseph

    Clovra’s NAD+ supports my immune system – a great added benefit!

  42. Matthew

    Clovra’s NAD+ is an easy addition to my daily routine.

  43. Owen

    Cognitive boost without jitters – thanks, Clovra’s NAD+!

  44. Isla

    Clovra’s NAD+ is a reliable choice for daily cellular support.

  45. Michael

    clovra nad+ helps my nervous health and feels better with my disorder of vegetative nerve system

  46. Samuel

    Clovra’s NAD+ has made a noticeable difference in my mood

  47. Scarlett

    Clovra’s NAD+ supplement is a must-try for anyone
    prioritizing holistic health. The benefits extend beyond physical energy – I’ve felt a positive shift in my overall mood and outlook on life.

  48. sarah (store manager)

    After a week of taking CLOVRA NAD+, I have noticed I have more energy during the day! I seem to be more alert and able to sleep longer and dont wake up as much during the night!

  49. April

    Clovra’s NAD+ supplement is a must-try for anyone
    prioritizing holistic health. The benefits extend beyond physical energy – I’ve felt a positive shift in my overall mood and outlook on life.

  50. Jackson

    After researching NAD+ supplements, I chose Clovra for its
    ingredients and effectiveness. It has been instrumental in supporting my overall health, and I highly recommend it.

    Image #1 from Jackson
  51. Anonymous


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